• John LaRue, associate dean for undergraduate affairs, passes out pancakes at last year's Dean's Breakfast.

    The Samueli School’s Engineering Student Council (ESC) presents Engineers Week 2015 “Through the Eyes of an Engineer.” The weeklong event kicks off Monday with booths and activities on the Engineering Plaza. It will conclude Saturday with a student-faculty softball game. In between, there will be food, t-shirts, competitions, career fair, awards and most of all lots of engineering-style fun.

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  • From left: Samueli School Dean Gregory Washington, Kay Family Foundation's Mark Percy, Calit2 Director GP Li, and FABWorks Director Sarah Hovsepian

    With a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony, speeches and lab tours that showed off an impressive array of do-it-yourself machinery and equipment, FABWorks officially opened its doors this week.

    A joint venture between the Samueli School of Engineering and Calit2, FABWorks houses 3-D printers and scanners, vinyl and laser cutters, an assortment of sewing machines, an electronics lab, a lathe, CNC (automated milling) machines and a variety of woodshop tools. The facility is partially funded by a generous donation from the Kay Family Foundation, and its mission is to reinvent the way people create and innovate, offering a space where students, faculty and the community can design and fabricate almost anything.

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  • Riccardo Cappa

    Civil engineering doctoral candidate Riccardo Cappa has been named a 2015 UC Irvine Public Impact Distinguished Fellow by the university’s Graduate Division. Cappa, who studies earthquake-related hazards and disasters, is one of only three graduate students to receive the prestigious $10,000 award.

    The Public Impact Fellowship supports doctoral students whose research has the potential to significantly improve or enrich local, national or global communities. In addition to the prospective impact of their work, the three recipients were selected on the basis of their presentations, interviews, academic records, letters of recommendation, and their ability to convey the research succinctly to a broad audience.

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  • From left: Potma, Capolino, Wickramasinghe and Apkarian collaborated on a $2 million grant (Photo by Bill Ross)

    The W.M. Keck Foundation has awarded $2 million to UC Irvine to develop a photonic “magnetic nanoprobe,” a microscope able to amplify, detect and possibly manipulate the extremely weak optical-frequency magnetic fields in matter.

    Samueli School electrical engineers Filippo Capolino and Kumar Wickramasinghe are collaborating with UCI chemists Ara Apkarian and Eric Potma to create the instrument, which could have wide-ranging impact.

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  • ARCS Scholars

    The Orange County Chapter of the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation, Inc. has named three graduate students and four undergraduate students from the Samueli School of Engineering as ARCS Scholars for the 2014-2015 academic year.

    The Samueli School is the only UCI school eligible for ARCS support to have both graduate and undergraduate students supported by the Orange County ARCS Chapter. In addition, the seven awards made to Samueli School scholars far outnumbered the awards received by any other UCI school.

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Biomedical engineering professor Enrico Gratton Jan 06, 2015

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Body clock protects cells from metabolism-generated oxygen radical damage during division

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Students Shine at Design Review Despite Rain

The biggest storm of the season did not deter the more than 400 senior engineering students from displaying their project goals at the Fall Design Review Friday, Dec. 12.

Marc Madou Dec 16, 2014

Engineer Named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

UC Irvine engineering professor Marc Madou has been named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) for 2014.