• Sarah Kimball

    Top researchers, public officials and policymakers converge at UCI to discuss extreme water shortages and how to handle them

    Each year, California growers bet a good part of the farm that there’ll be enough water to produce a profitable harvest. Costly crop failure insurance can help hedge their bets, but must be purchased by strict deadlines – before it’s clear whether the state will face another year of withering drought.

    UCI engineers and others hope to reduce that age-old risk by helping farmers gauge the prospect of drought as much as a month earlier, thanks to sophisticated new modeling techniques.

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  • Photo by Tom Kleindinst©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    As the undersea masters of disguise, squid have an amazing ability to blend into their environment to hide from predators. A UC Irvine engineering professor studying the squid’s dynamic color- and shape-changing properties is applying what he’s discovered to develop a new type of fabric that lets wearers regulate their own temperature.

    The proposed material is called Thermocomfort cloth, and it would leverage the established heat-managing capabilities of materials similar to those used in space blankets, as well as the adaptive principles underlying the function of squid skin. The idea is that a jacket made from this fabric would capture and release body heat, adjusting to the user’s own preference for comfort.

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  • Nine engineering students joined Lou Gill and Dean Gregory Washington for family-style dinner.

    Nine engineering undergraduates shared a meal with their dean last month in the kitchen of Mesa Court Housing Director Lou Gill. The family-style dinner provided students the opportunity to get to know Samueli School Dean Gregory Washington on a more casual basis as Washington chatted with them about their experiences at UCI.

    “Anytime I can spend time with students and see what we’re doing well as a school and learn how we can improve is a great occasion,” Washington said. “It’s fun for me to engage with students. I get a lot out of it.”

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  • Clockwise from top left: Jann Yang, Robert Liebeck, Bruce Tromberg, Stephen Timko

    Professor Emeritus Jann Yang, who was selected by the American Society of Civil Engineers as the 2015 (and first) recipient of the Masanobu Shinozuka Medal. This award is presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of stochastic mechanics, reliability, risk and simulation. Yang was acknowledged for sustained research and teaching in stochastic dynamics, control, fatigue and identification of structural components and systems, as well as his inspirational leadership among researchers. The Shinozuka Medal was instituted in 2013 to honor Masanobu Shinozuka, a UCI professor emeritus and a world-renowned expert in earthquake and structural engineering.

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  • From left: G.P. Li, Roderic Pettigrew and Gregory Washington

    With a nod to the necessity of cross-disciplinary collaboration, the director of the NIH’s National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering delivered a Samueli School Dean’s Distinguished Lecture April 7 in the Calit2 auditorium.

    Dr. Roderic Pettigrew, who before assuming his post at the NIBIB was a professor of radiology, medicine and cardiology at Emory University and professor of bioengineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, spoke about the importance of merging life sciences, physical sciences and engineering with medicine in order to ensure positive healthcare outcomes in a changing world.

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A boat crew from the U.S. Geological Survey measures the effects of levee detonations, meant to ease flood risk along the Mississippi River in 2011. Photo courtesy of USGS Apr 01, 2015

Levee Detonations Reduced 2011 Flood Risk on Mississippi River, UCI-led Study Finds

A controversial decision in 2011 to blow up Mississippi River levees reduced the risk of flooding in a city upstream, lowering the height of the rain-swollen river just before it reached its peak, according to a newly published computer modeling analysis led by UC Irvine scientists.


 Casa del Sol structure earns a Dean's Choice Award Mar 31, 2015

Winter Design Review Features 100 Projects

The Samueli School of Engineering’s 2015 Winter Design Review featured 100 senior design projects, including poster displays and demonstrations, created by more than 600 students.

Engineering students talk with recruiter at EngiTech career fair Mar 06, 2015

EngiTech Career Fair Highlights E-Week 2015

Nearly 1,000 students turned out for E-Week 2015, hosted by the Engineering Student Council (ESC). This year’s theme was “Through the eyes of an engineer,” and all students who checked in received a free Samueli School T-shirt.