Amir AghaKouchak: Hydrology, meteorology, remote sensing to address critical global water resource issues

William Cooper:  Carbon cycling in natural waters, the treatment and, fate and transport, of pharmaceuticals in water, and, the development of ozone as a treatment process in ballast water of ships to prevent the spread of invasive species

Kristen Davis, Coastal ocean circulation, cross-shelf exchange, benthic-pelagic coupling, stratified-shear flows, internal waves, boundary layers, and turbulent flows

Russell Detwiler:  Groundwater hydrology, contaminant transport, coupled processes in porous and fractured media

James (Jay) Famiglietti:  Hydrologic and climate system modeling

Xiaogang Gao:  Hydroclimatology; remote sensing; precipitation estimation
Stanley B. Grant: Environmental engineering, inland and coastal water quality, coagulation and filtration of colloidal contaminants, environmental microbiology

Kuo-lin Hsu:  Hydrologic modeling; artificial neural network applications in hydrology

Sunny Jiang: Environmental biotechnology, water quality microbiology, molecular microbial ecology, coastal ecosystem health, recreational risk assessment

Betty H. Olson: Environmental molecular microbiology and biotechnology, wastewater treatment, biohydrogen production, public health microbiology, water quality

Diego Rosso:  Environmental process engineering, carbon footprint analysis, wastewater treatment, water and energy nexus, energy efficiency

Brett F. Sanders: Computational and environmental fluid dynamics, flood mitigation, non-point sources of pollution

Jean-Daniel Saphores: Transportation systems; transportation and urban economics; sustainability; green materials; energy and the environment; environmental economics and policy

Jan Scherfig: Water reclamation, waste treatment processes, environmental engineering

Soroosh Sorooshian: Hydrology, hydrometeorology and hydroclimate modeling, remote sensing, water sources management

Jasper Vrugt: Surface hydrology, soil physics, ecohydrology, model-data synthesis (parameter estimation, data assimilation, filtering), high performance computing, aerosol-cloud dynamics, agriculture, geophysics, hydrogeophysics