Circuits and Devices 

EECS faculty engage in diverse and comprehensive research into the circuits and devices that make up the fundamental building blocks of complex electronic systems. This includes research related to communications, signal processing, radio frequency devices, networking, digital imaging, integrated systems, nano-technology, optical devices and power electronics.

Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, Photonics

Related faculty: Bachman, Burke, Boyraz, Capolino, De Flaviis, Green, Heydari, Kleinfelder, C.C. Lee, H.P. Lee, G.P. Li, Tsai C.S., Wickramasinghe

Power Electronics, Power Systems, Renewables, Smart Grid

Related faculty: Smedley

Computer Science and Engineering

Many EECS faculty perform research at the systems level, where computing and engineering are combined in complex fashions. Among a very wide range of topics, this includes research related to real-time computing, visualization, computer vision, modeling, and even interactions between engineering and the arts.

Architecture, Processors, Embedded Systems

Related faculty: Al Faruque, Bagherzadeh, Chou, Doemer, Gajski, Gaudiot, Kurdahi, Lang

Distributed & Real-Time systems, Database

Related faculty: Demsky, Sheu, Lin

Graphics, Image Processing, Computer Vision

Related faculty: Healey



EECS faculty in this group conduct research in algorithms and technologies related to communications, signal processing, information theory, and networking.


Communications, Information Theory, Networking, Wireless

Related faculty: Anandkumar, Ayanoglu, De Figueiredo, Eltawil, Jafar, Jafarkhani, Jordan, Swindlehurst, Tsai K., Yousefi'zadeh