Lizhi Sun


Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, Structural Mechanics, 1998
M.S., University of California, Los Angeles, Civil Engineering, 1997
M.S., Peking University,China, Solid Mechanics, 1990
B.S., Zhejiang University, China, Engineering Mechanics, 1987


The Henry Samueli School of Engineering
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-2175

ZOT Code: 
Office: EG 4139
(949) 824-8670 Office
(949) 824-2117

Dr. Sun's main area of research interest is the micro/nano-mechanics of heterogeneous composite materials, with applications for civil, mechanical, aerospace, electronic, and biomedical engineering. His research is sponsored by NSF's Information Technology Research and Nanotechnology Research, NASA's Iowa Space Grant Consortium, Army's Breast Cancer Research Program, and Iowa Informatics Initiative. He has published more than 40 journal papers in his field. He is a member of ASCE, ASME, MRS, and AAAS.

Research topics: 
Micro/Nano-mechanics Modeling of Heterogeneous Materials, Micromechanics and Constitutive Modeling of Magnetostrictive Elastomer Composites for Automotive Applications, Dislocation Dynamics Simulation for Computational Design of Semiconductor Thin Film Systems, Multiscale Modeling of Amorphous Nanocomposites, Development of Elastography for Cancer Detection and Diagnosis