Filippo Capolino

Associate Professor
Office: EH 4422
Lab: EH 4131
949-824-2164 Office

Electromagnetic and optic artificial materials (metamaterials), electromagnetic bandgap (EBG, or photonic bandgap, PBG) materials and plasmonic structures, and their applications in sensors, superlensing, nanotechnology, antennas and waveguides. Enhanced radiation and high-directivity antennas (microwaves and optics) with artificial materials, waves in thin films and plasmons. Wireless systems at microwaves and sub-millimeter waves. Array antennas and miniaturized antennas. Radiation by ultra-wide-band (UWB) pulsed-array antennas. Theory and application of electromagnetism in general. Short-pulse UWB analysis for imaging and radars. High-frequency field modeling, diffraction and propagation. Numerical methods, fast solvers. Hybrid method of moments (MoM)-high frequency analysis