Programs Offered

Flexibility Creates More Opportunities for Growth

That's our approach at The Henry Samueli School of Engineering and at UC Irvine. We offer undergraduate degrees in a variety of areas, with many including structured specializations. Our policies are designed to enable students to make choices, and to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them.

Students may choose from the following majors:

Two minors are also offered:

Specific information on these programs may be found in the General Catalogue.

Our Approach

The first year of study for each engineering major is similar, designed to allow students to explore the foundations of engineering and then select a program that best fits their individual interests.  Students can apply to change through the My Admissions website prior to June 1st or at the end of their first year. Students that are undecided can enroll in a freshman seminar course titled "Engr 1: Introduction to Engineering," which provides an introduction to each of the engineering disciplines. Students that maintain a 3.0 GPA can choose to pursue more than one major — including majors offered outside of Engineering.

Students can also choose from a wide selection of minors, including Biomedical Engineering minor and Material Science minor offered within the school. Although there are not specific graduation deadlines, we support students who make reasonable progress toward their degree objectives. Many students finish their degrees in four years and immediately seek employment. Others may take longer, perhaps spending a quarter or up to a year studying abroad, or completing a second degree or a minor.

Learn Outside the Classroom

Over 80% of our graduates participated in research experiences that encompassed their engineering interests including opportunities in biomedical, wireless computing, advanced energy systems or aerodynamic design.  Many students put their research experience to practice by participating in internships prior to graduating. Whether during summer or the school year, industry continually seeks UCI engineers to join them in building the next generation of products and services.

Getting Involved: