Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: Postdoctoral Scholar


Postdoctoral Scholar positions are occasionally available throughout the year in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Irvine. These positions are under the sponsorship of the following faculty members:

S. Atluri: Continuum mechanics, computational mechanics, computer modeling and simulation, integrated product and process design, damage tolerance and structural integrity, failure prevention, computational microelectronics.

J. Bobrow: Robotics, mechatronics, and design optimization.

J. Brouwer: high temperature electrochemical dynamics and integrated energy systems research that includes fuel cells, gas turbines, electrolyzers, solar and wind power.

D. Dabdub: Mathematical modeling of urban and global air pollution, dynamics of atmospheric aerosols, secondary organic aerosols, impact of energy generation on air quality, chemical reactions at gas-liquid interfaces.

D. Dunn-Rankin: Combustion, optical particle sizing, particle aerodynamics, laser diagnostics and spectroscopy.

S. Elghobashi: Direct numerical simulation of turbulent chemically reacting and dispersed two-phase flows.

C. Friehe: Fluid mechanics, turbulence, micrometerology, instrumentation.

M. Gamero-Castaño: Colloid thrusters, electric micropropulsion, electrospray, characterization of nanoparticles, Hall thrusters,

F. Jabbari: Optimal control theory, distributed parameter systems, parameter identification.

J. LaRue: Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, turbulence

F. Liu: Computational fluid dynamics, turbomachinery, propulsion.

M. Madou: Miniaturization science (MEMS and NEMS) with emphasis on chemical and biological applications.  Current projects include polymer actuators (for drug delivery),  C-MEMS and CD based fluidics.  Besides miniaturization techniques and materials choices, scaling laws are considered.

M. McCarthy: Design of mechanical systems, computer aided design, kinematic theory of spatial motion.

K. Mease: Nonlinear dynamics and control; flight guidance and control.

D. Papamoschou: Compressible turbulence, jet noise, mixing enhancement, respiratory flows.

R. Rangel: Heat transfer, fluid mechanics, spray combustion, two-phase flows, fluid instability and atomization.

D. Reinkensmeyer: Biomedical engineering, robotics.

T. Rupert : Mechanical behavior, nanomaterials, structure-property relationships, microstructural stability, grain boundaries and interfaces, materials characterization.

S. Samuelsen: Combustion, sprays, laser diagnostics, air quality, turbulent transport, alternative fuels, modeling reacting flows, practical systems, energy and environmental conflict.

A. Shkel: Design and advanced control of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS); High-precision micro-machined gyroscopes; MEMS-enhanced optical systems, tools, and prosthetic appliances; Electro-mechanical and machine-information systems integration.

A. Sideris: Control systems, neural networks.

W. Sirignano: Combustion theory and computational methods, multiphase flows, turbulent reacting flows.

L. Valdevit: Mechanical and thermal performance of structural components, with emphasis on all-metallic sandwich panels. Thermo-mechanical optimization. Integration of analytical, numerical (finite element analyses) and experimental techniques towards the development of design tools.

B. Villac: Astrodynamics, dynamical systems theory, global optimization, interval computing

Y. Wang: Fuel cells, computational modeling, thermo-fluidics, two-phase flows, electrochemistry, CFD, turbulent combustion.




Applicants for Postdoctoral Scholar Positions should send curriculum vitae, the names and addresses of three references, and indicate the professor you would like to work for to the contact information listed below:


Review of applications will begin immediately.  .  Candidates may begin as early as 09/09/13.  Applications due by 6/30/14


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