2010 News

Apr 19, 2010
UCI Announces 2010 Medal Recipients

Samueli School Professor Scott Samuelsen Awarded UC Irvine’s most prestigious honor

Apr 15, 2010
Improving Power Management for Mobile Devices

EECS Assistant Professor Ahmed Eltawil awarded prestigious CAREER award

Apr 7, 2010
A Glass Half Empty

UCI hydrologist Jay Famiglietti calls much-needed attention to California's dwindling groundwater supply

It may have been a rainy winter, but there's still cause for concern about California's water supply. Just ask Jay Famiglietti, UC Irvine Earth system science professor and founding director of the new UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling, which aims to help the state tackle its drought-induced water crisis.

Apr 5, 2010
Biomedical Engineering Names New Department Chair

“Lab on a Chip” expert Professor Abraham Lee to begin July 1, 2010

Mar 15, 2010
Sorting Cells, Saving Lives

UCI fellowship winner working on device to expedite disease diagnosis, treatment

A two-day wait for blood test results turned into a hospital stay for Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte’s wife, Anne-Carole. A routine infection spread to her kidneys, making her very sick, while confirmation of her diagnosis was pending.

Mar 12, 2010
Five Undergraduate Students Awarded UROP Fellowships

Students in the lab of Professor William Cooper will present at the UC Irvine Undergraduate Research Symposium

Mar 5, 2010
Engineering Faculty, Students Honored by ESC

2010 Faculty and Engineer of the Year awards bestowed during National Engineers Week celebration

Mar 1, 2010
Prominent NSF CAREER Award Bestowed to ChEMS Assistant Professor

Ali Mohraz to study nonlinear viscoelasticity of colloidal gels

Feb 23, 2010
Homecoming Adds Up To Fun

Behind-the-scenes statistics offer detailed look at UCI's annual alumni get-together

Feb 16, 2010
Beyond Mammography

Handheld laser scanner developed at UCI improves detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

In 2003, researchers at UC Irvine’s Beckman Laser Institute received a $7 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to standardize use of a laser imaging device they had created for better detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. The investment is beginning to pay off.

Photo: Elyn Marton
Feb 10, 2010
UC Irvine’s 37th Annual National Engineers Week Celebration

Weeklong activities begin Feb. 16, 2010

Feb 9, 2010
Cultivating STEM Education

Summit aims to boost student interest, success in science, technology, engineering, math

Feb 8, 2010
Plan to Improve Software Performance Garners CAREER Award for EECS Assistant Professor

Brian Demsky to study ways to prevent catastrophic failure in crucial software systems

Feb 8, 2010
No Mere Pipe Dream

UCI engineers are working on robotic technology to rehabilitate the nation's aging water infrastructure

The growing U.S. infrastructure crisis involves more than crumbling roads and bridges. Underground and out of sight looms a worsening problem every bit as critical.  Thousands of miles of aging water pipes are breaking down. Each day, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers — which periodically grades the country’s infrastructure — 6 billion gallons of clean, treated drinking water disappears, mostly due to old, leaky pipes and mains. That’s enough water to supply California for a year, according to Maria Feng, civil & environmental engineering professor at UC Irvine.

Photo:  Steve Zylius / University Communications
Jan 12, 2010
Second Annual WIN Contest Challenges Students to Solve Water Concerns

Sponsored by the Urban Water Research Center in The Henry Samueli School of Engineering at UC Irvine, the Orange County Department of Education, Inside the Outdoors and the Action Sports Environmental Coalition


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