2009 News

Dec 14, 2009
California's Troubled Waters

Satellite-based findings by UCI, NASA reveal significant groundwater loss in Central Valley

Nov 23, 2009
The E-Waste Dilemma

UCI researchers shed light on the toxic implications of discarded electronics

As America's reliance on cell phones, computers and digital cameras grows, so too do concerns that toxic metals in these devices could create significant environmental and health problems after they are thrown away.

Photo: Steve Zylius / University Communications

Nov 18, 2009
EECS Professor Awarded the 2009 P. L. Kapitsa Prize Gold Medal by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Rui J. P. de Figueiredo honored for pioneering contributions to the mathematical foundations and applications of signal processing

Nov 16, 2009
Glimpsing a Greener Future

Computer model foresees effects of alternative transportation fuels

It's the year 2060, and 75 percent of drivers in the Greater Los Angeles area have hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that emit only water vapor.  Look into Shane Stephens-Romero's crystal ball - a computer model called STREET - and find that air quality has significantly improved. Greenhouse gas emissions are more than 60 percent lower than in 2009, and levels of microscopic soot and ozone are about 15 percent and 10 percent lower, respectively.

Photo:  Daniel A. Anderson / University Communications
Nov 9, 2009
On the Cutting Edge

Biomedical engineering professor part of UCI team that pioneers zigzag incision technique that improves outcome of laser-assisted corneal transplantation

Nov 2, 2009
Celebrating Engineering Hall

Samueli School officially dedicates new building and major cardiovascular research center

Oct 28, 2009
Matters of the Heart

New biomedical engineering research center looks to advance technology for treating cardiovascular disease

Oct 20, 2009
Engineering the Future of Leadership

Engineering Student Council is building a community of leaders

Sep 29, 2009
Meet the New Samueli School Faculty

Seven assistant professors join the Samueli School

Sep 29, 2009
Raising Water Awareness

Raising Water Awareness

Professor co-hosting UCI event urges action now to ensure future supplies, both locally and globally

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Sep 25, 2009
Atlantis Program Grant Awarded to Samueli School to Establish Transatlantic Master’s Program
EECS professor receives grant to establish master's program emphasizing micro- and nanotechnology materials
Sep 22, 2009
UC Irvine Welcome Week 2009
Welcome anteaters!
Sep 15, 2009
UCI Awarded $2 Million to Become Living Laboratory for Sustainable Energy Practices
Project will help communities establish climate-neutral infrastructures
Sep 9, 2009
The Shrinky Dink Solution

Overcoming a research snag was child's play for Michelle Khine - and it earned her international recognition

Toys don't usually inspire high-tech innovation, but Michelle Khine's childhood favorite did just that.

Sep 4, 2009
UC Tackles Water Crisis
Throughout the UC system, researchers are tackling the water crisis head on
Sep 3, 2009
Setting the Standard

UC Irvine Undergraduate Student Charles Xue searches for the standard in vector research

Not many middle school students read complicated books about cutting-edge science research and treatment, but Charles Xue did just that when he read about using viruses as a tool to deliver drugs. That book changed how the 12-year-old Xue viewed science and its impact on society.

Aug 22, 2009
U.S. News Again Ranks UCI Among Top 50 Universities Nationwide
Undergraduate engineering ranks 45th
Aug 18, 2009
Watching Over the Water System

Watching Over the Water System

UCI engineers design sensors to monitor pipes after earthquakes and other disasters

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Aug 10, 2009
UC Teams Attack Urgent State Issues
One initiative will team UC researchers from more than 30 disciplines on six UC campuses to work on reducing congestion, oil use, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
Aug 5, 2009
Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez Visits UCI's Fuel Cell and Stem Cell Centers
Rep. Loretta Sanchez, who represents the 47th Congressional District, visited key research centers at UC Irvine


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