Active Fellowship Opportunities

In addition to the continuous funding options on the Graduate Financial Support page, the Graduate Student Affairs Office often receives announcements for other University or outside fellowship opportunities. Please refer back to this website often, as new fellowships will be listed regularly.

Other Resources

The Graduate Resource Center (located in Room C114 of the UCI Student Center) holds funding workshop series that include information on how to apply for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) and to other training grants. The GRC also offers writing tutors to assist with proofreading of papers and grants throughout the year.

The Office of Research Development offers a grant review/editing service to faculty, graduate students, and their support staff who would like "another pair of eyes." Generally, turn around is less than two or three days. Contact is Randy Black, Research Development Manager, at

Current Listings (scroll down for details)

Within UCI
ARCS Foundation Scholar Award Competition - September 8, 2014

Outside of UCI
Department of Energy Graduate Student Research program - September 24, 2014

2014-15 ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) Foundation Scholar Award

ARCS fellowships are intended to recognize and reward our most academically superior doctoral students exhibiting outstanding promise as scientists, researchers, and public leaders. This year, The Henry Samueli School of Engineering has 1 ARCS Foundation Fellowship to award to a successful nominee. More information about the ARCS Foundation and Scholar Awards may be found at

Application Deadline: Students must submit a completed nomination packet to their department/program's Graduate Coordinator by
Monday, September 8, 2014 (see below for details on required materials and next steps). 
Eligibility Criteria: The student must:
  • Have achieved a graduate level UC GPA of 3.7 or better through Spring Quarter, 2014.
  • Must have completed at least 2 years of full-time graduate study at UCI with at least 2 years remaining.
  • Must be making satisfactory progress towards their degree goal.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Must have identified their individual area of research interest and be willing to prepare a poster of their research for display at hte March 2015 ARCS Scholars Award Dinner.
  • Must have exhibited excellent interpersonal and leadership abilities during their academic program.
  • Must be able and willing to speak articulately about his/her career goals and research to a non-engienering audience.
Funding: The fellowship recipient will be awarded a fellowship in the amount of $7,500 for the 2014-15 AY. Students may be eligible for an additional $7,500 award the following year, contingent upon continued satisfactory academic progress. Thus, selection during 2014-15 AY is expected to result in an aggregate two-year award of $15,000. ARCS funding is in addition to existing support and may not be used as a substitute for other university support. Acceptance of an ARCS Foundation Scholar Award may affect a student's need-based financial support package. In such cases, students are encouraged to consult with UCI's Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Application Procedure:
What the Student needs to submit to the Departmental/Program Graduate Coordinator by Monday, September 8, 2014 at 4:30pm:
  • A UCI ARCS Foundation Nomination Form with the top portion completed.
  • A completed ARCS Student Biographical Profile with a 100-word student biography.
  • A current curriculum vitae.
  • A statement by the awardee of no more than 2-3 pages in length describing their research project (in terms that are accessible to a general audience), progress to date and plan for completion.
  • A confidential evaluation of the student by their faculty advisor (letter of recommendation). Multiple letters are acceptable.
What's next? Once the departments' nominees are received by the School's ARCS Committee, personal interviews will be scheduled for each nominee. Candidates should expect to be contacted on Friday, September 12th to set up the interview (so please check your email on that day). The interviews will tentatively take place September 15th - 17th so please make sure you are available around that week as the personal interview is a required portion of the review process for each departmental nominee.

Department of Energy Graduate Student Research Program

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science is pleased to announce that the Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) program is now accepting applications for the 2014 solicitation.  Applications are due 5:00pm ET on Wednesday September 24, 2014.

The SCGSR program supports supplemental awards to outstanding U.S. graduate students to conduct part of their graduate thesis research at a DOE national laboratory in collaboration with a DOE laboratory scientist for a period of 3 to 12 consecutive months—with the goal of preparing graduate students for scientific and technical careers critically important to the DOE Office of Science mission.

The SCGSR program is open to current Ph.D. students in qualified graduate programs at accredited U.S. academic institutions, who are conducting their graduate thesis research in targeted areas of importance to the DOE Office of Science. The research opportunity is expected to advance the graduate students’ overall doctoral thesis while providing access to the expertise, resources, and capabilities available at the DOE laboratories. The supplemental award provides for additional, incremental costs for living and travel expenses directly associated with conducting the SCGSR research project at the DOE host laboratory during the award period.

The Office of Science expects to make approximately 100 awards in 2014, for project periods beginning anytime between January and September 2015.

Detailed information about the program, including eligibility requirements and access to the online application system, can be found at:

The SCGSR program is sponsored and managed by the DOE Office of Science’s Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS), in collaboration with the six Office of Science research programs offices and the DOE national laboratories, and the Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Education (ORISE).

For any questions, please contact the SCGSR Program Manager, Dr. Ping Ge, at