Incoming Students

This website is dedicated to helping incoming students make a smooth transition into graduate study. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Orientation Information

2013 Academic Presentation

Engineering Computing Presentation

Academic Dishonesty Defined Handout

Academic Integrity Online Resources Handout

General List of Things To Do

  1. Activate your UCInetID, which will become your student email address. Follow the link and select "Student Applicants" from the Activate page. If you were previously a student or employee at UCI, you will retain your existing UCINetID and you do not need to reactivate it.
  2. Look for an email to your personal email account from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) with detailed instructions about setting up your UCI email account in late June or mid-July.
  3. Complete and submit the Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) form. For more information, visit UCI Registrar's Office Statement of Legal Residence. To log into the SLR site, use your new Student ID # and numeric password that were included in the "Congratulations from UCI" email message you should have received confirming your admission offer. Do not use your Application ID Number when logging into the SLR site.
  4. Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). International students do not need to complete the FAFSA.
  5. International students who need an F-1 or J-1 Visa should complete the 2013-14 New Graduate Student Visa Document Request form.
  6. Meet the conditions of your provisional admissions (as stated on your "Congratulations to UCI" email message).
  7. Enroll in classes (see below for more information about enrolling in units) starting on June 10th.  
  8. Pay fees (see below for more information on fee payment). Students can log in to their ZotBill account to see their balance and pay their fees beginning mid-July.
  9. Learn about Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHIP) and the requirements to waive it (if applicable). Waiver deadline is September 12th.
  10. Notify the Graduate Division at of an address change prior to the third week of classes.
  11. After arriving on campus, get your Student ID Card (photo ID) at the UCI Bookstore (The Hill)
  12. International students only: After arriving on campus, international students must report to the UCI International Center for Check-in Sessions to comply with US government requirements.
  13. International students only: Attend the Campus-wide New International Graduate Student Orientation on Wednesday, September 18th (Mandatory).
  14. Attend the Campus-wide New Graduate Student Orientation on Thursday, September 19th (Mandatory).
  15. Attend the Engineering New Graduate Student Orientation on Monday, September 23rd (Mandatory).
  16. Attend the Engineering Departmental New Graduate Student Orientation – dates vary (Mandatory).

More information on enrolling in classes and paying fees for Fall 2013

Important Dates
June 10, 2013 - Enrollment Period Begins
September 16, 2013 - Deadline to enroll AND pay fees on-time

Fee Payment
A breakdown of FULL-TIME and PART-TIME graduate student fees will be posted in mid-July at

Enrolling in Units
FULL-TIME students should enroll in 12 or more units per quarter.

PART-TIME students should enroll in 1 to 8 units only per quarter. Please note that only MS students are eligible for part-time study. All students wishing to be on Part-time status for Fall 2013 will need to submit a Reduced Fee Part-Time Study Program form (found at to their departmental coordinator no later than Wednesday of 3rd Week of the quarter by Noon.

Enrolling is a two-step process: 
1) Students will use WebSOC to look up what courses are offered for the Fall 2013 quarter. 
2) Students will then complete the actual registration for those courses using WebReg (click on the yellow "Access WebReg" link on the right-hand side).

When students are choosing courses to take for the upcoming quarter, it is important that they: 1) Consult WebSOC for availability of courses, 2) Consult their MS or PhD requirements (see below), 3) Consult their faculty advisor (if entering with an official research advisor - otherwise, if applicable, students will begin consulting their thesis or doctoral research advisor after matching at a later date), 4) Contact the Graduate Student Affairs Office (GSAO) or their departmental Graduate Coordinator or Graduate Advisor with any questions (see below).

Course Numbering System
UCI uses the following numbering system for its courses:

0-99: Lower Division Undergraduate Courses
Note: Some students with non-Engineering backgrounds take 1-2 as background courses, however these courses cannot be applied to MS or PhD degree progress.

100-195:  Upper Division Undergraduate Courses
Note: A small number of these can sometimes be used toward a student's MS degree progress. Policies vary by department/program so please consult the plan of study and the course catalogue for further details.
*** If you are interested in enrolling in an undergraduate course, then you will need to contact the professor of the course, stating that you are an incoming graduate student who is interested in enrolling in his/her course and ask for permission to do so. If approved, then forward that email to the Curriculum Office at and include your full name, student ID number, course number, and the 5-digit course code.*** 

196-199: Upper Division Undergraduate Research Units
Note: These courses cannot be applied to MS or PhD degree progress.

200-289: Graduate Level Coursework

290-299: Graduate Level Seminars and Research
Note: The majority of your MS and PhD work will be comprised of units numbered 200-299. Please see the plans of study below and the course catalogue for further details on individual department/program requirements.

MS or PhD requirements

MS - For those students entering as terminal MS students or as PhD students who need to earn an MS degree, you will need to complete the degree requirements for an MS in the appropriate field of study. As such, when choosing units each quarter, students will want to 1) Follow along with the Plan of Study in their major area (available in late Summer), 2) Consult the 2013-14 UCI General Catalogue (when it becomes available on the UCI website) for any additional information on unit or course number requirements, and 3) Consult the 2013-14 Tentative Engineering Teaching Plan.

PhD - For those students entering the PhD program having already completed a MS degree, you will follow the requirements for the PhD degree only in your major area. Some programs have course requirements students must meet, while others have no mandated course requirements. All PhD programs have milestones students must meet at specific times, such as the Preliminary Examination, the Qualifying Examination, and the Doctoral Defense and Dissertation, itself. As such, when choosing units each quarter, you will want to 1) Consult the 2013-14 UCI General Catalogue (when it becomes available on the UCI website) for any course requirements within their major, if applicable, 2) Consult the preliminary examination information for your major to see if there are any courses you need to take prior to taking the exam, 3) Consult your faculty research advisor (if matched already) to discuss any other courses that might be applicable to their research topic, and 4) Consult the 2013-14 Tentative Engineering Teaching Plan.

Contact Information
To find contact information for the Department Graduate Advisor and Coordinator, please visit


General information about graduate housing at UC Irvine, as well as detailed information about Graduate Housing Application process can be found at