Graduate Forms

Ph.D. Faculty Research Advisor Policy
Ph.D. students should have a research advisor at all times throughout their graduate study in order to fulfil the requirement of making satisfactory progress towards their degree. However, as matching with a Ph.D. advisor can take some time, the following guidelines have been put in place:

In order to remain in good academic standing, continuing students who are switching advisors (for whatever reason) must match with a new faculty research advisor no later than by the end of the subsequent quarter (excluding summer term). Once you have matched with a faculty research advisor, please submit the Ph.D. Faculty Research Advisor Verification Form. Please note that matching with a faculty research advisor is independent of locating funding for a student's studies.

Nomination of Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Committee
The Qualifying Exam Nomination Form must be submitted to your department at least two weeks before your qualifying examination. You will be notified if there are any problems with your proposed committee.

Guidelines for Committee Membership:

  • This committee must consist of at least 5 members.
  • All committee members must hold a Ph.D.
  • At least 3 members, including the Chair, must hold a tenure track faculty appointment within your home department.
  • At least 1 member must hold a position at UCI outside of your home department. Please verify that the outside member does not have a primary or joint appointment with your home department.
  • For each committee only one exception request will be considered. Exceptions could include a professor from outside of the University or an adjunct professor serving on the committee. In the case of an exception request, the department must turn in an exception memo and a copy of the professor’s CV with this form in order to get this approved. 
  • Please note that some departments/programs have additional guidelines. Please refer to your department/program website or handbook for more information.

Graduate Division Forms
Required forms related to enrollment (such as Part-Time Study, Filing Fee Petitions), degree conferral (such as Advancement to Candidacy, Ph.D. Form II), etc. can be downloaded directly from Graduate Division.

Instructional Sheets for Graduate Division forms
To assist students with completing Graduate Division forms, the Graduate Student Affairs office created the following instructional sheets for students' reference:

For any questions regarding Graduate Division forms, please contact the Graduate Student Affairs office.