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MMT Faculty


Mark Bachman: Integrated microsystems, microfabrication technology, biomedical microdevices, sensor systems, human sensing, human-machine interface

Ozdal Boyraz: Silicon photonics, nonlinear optics in silicon, cascaded cavity silicon Raman lasers

Peter J. Burke: Nano-electronics, bio-nanotechnology

Zhongping Chen: Optical sensor and imaging, MEMS and biophotonic system, and biomedical devices

James C. Earthman: Fatigue behavior and cyclic damage, automated materials testing and diagnostics, high-temperature fracture, biomaterials, green materials

Franco De Flaviis: Microwave materials and devices, MEMS devices and fabrication processes

John C. LaRue: Fluid mechanics, micro-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS), turbulence, heat transfer, instrumentation

Abraham Lee: Micro and nanofluidic chips, droplet-based reactors for bioassays and materials synthesis, cell and biomolecular based sensors, nanoparticles and vesicles for drug delivery and targeted therapeutics

Chin C. Lee: Bonding technology, electronic packaging, acoustics, microwaves, semiconductor devices, thermal management

Henry P. Lee: Optoelectronic materials, growth, and devices

Guann-Pyng Li: High-speed semiconductor technology, optoelectronic devices, integrated circuit fabrication and testing

Marc J. Madou: Fundamental aspects of micro/nano-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), biosensors, nanofluidics, biomimetics

J. Michael McCarthy: Machine design and kinematic synthesis of spatial mechanisms and robots

Martha L. Mecartney: Grain boundary engineering of ceramics, superplastic ceramics, solid oxide fuel cell materials, ceramics for nuclear waste storage

Farghalli A. Mohamed: Mechanical properties, creep, superplasticity, correlations between property and microstructure

Ayman S. Mosallam: Polymer composites, nano-composites, experimental mechanics, numerical Simulation, durability, composite joints, health monitoring, non-destructive testing, repair, and creep

Daniel R. Mumm: Enabling materials for energy systems and propulsion (solid oxide fuel cells, thermal barrier coatings), interface mechanics, materials behavior at high temperature, lightweight/multi-functional structures, nanostructured materials, electron microscopy and microanalysis

Regina Ragan: Self-assembly of hybrid organic/inorganic nanostructures for nanoelectronic and sensing applications; correlating electron transport and optical properties with atomic and molecular structure

Timothy J. Rupert: Mechanical behavior, nanomaterials, structure-property relationships, structual evolution, grain boundaries and interfaces, electron microscopy

Andrew A. Shapiro (Adjunct): Electronic properties of materials; electronic packaging materials, processes, and characterization

Andrei M. Shkel: Design and advanced control of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS); precision micro-sensors and actuators for tele-communication and information technologies; MEMS-based health monitoring systems, disposable diagnostics devices, prosthetic implants

Frank G. Shi: Materials, packaging/manufacturing technologies for optoelectronic devices (LEDs, solar cells, sensors, etc.); polymer nanocomposites; die attach adhesives and electrical/thermal conductive pastes; silicone and epoxy encapsulants; luminescent and phosphor materials; optical glass

Lizhi Sun: Micro- and nano-mechanics, composites and nanocomposites, smart materials and structures, multiscale modeling, elastography

Chen S. Tsai: Integrated and fiber optics, devices, and materials, integrated acoustooptics and magnetooptics, integrated microwave magnetics, Ultrasonic Atomization for Nanoparticles Synthesis, silicon photonics

Lorenzo Valdevit: Multifunctional sandwich structures, thermal protection systems, morphing structures, active materials, MEMS, electronic packaging, cell mechanics

Albert Yee: Nanofabrication of soft materials, physics of polymer thin films, nanomechanical properties of polymers, ultra-low-k dielectrics, fracture and toughening of polymer nanocomposites