Graduate Departmental Contact Information

Graduate Departmental Contact Information

The Role of a Faculty Graduate Advisor
The Graduate Advisor serves as a prospective or current student’s first point of contact within the faculty of any given department or program. The Graduate Advisor typically serves as the admission committee chair, and thus answers questions from prospective students regarding research or course content. Graduate Advisors also serve current students in their given department or program by reviewing all requests (petitions, part-time status, leave of absence, etc.) and are particularly involved any time a current student would like to request an exception to policy.

The Role of the Graduate Coordinator
Each department has its own Graduate Coordinator. These staff members serve as your departmental contact for questions regarding funding and forms processing. They also provide exception memos and serve as a liaison with the Departmental Faculty Graduate Advisors and with the Graduate Student Affairs office.

Biomedical Engineering Department
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Tibor Juhasz
Graduate Coordinator: Cristina Surpless

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Program
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Ali Mohraz

Materials Science and Engineering Program
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Regina Ragan

Graduate Coordinator: Grace Chau

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Farzin Zareian
Graduate Coordinator: April Heath

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Syed Jafar
Graduate Coordinator: Amy Pham

Engineering Management
Program Director: Dr. John LaRue
Graduate Coordinator: Jean Bennett

Environmental Engineering School-Wide Concentration
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Derek Dunn-Rankin
Graduate Coordinator: April Heath

Materials and Manufacturing Technology School-Wide Concentration
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Chin Lee
Graduate Coordinator: Nadia Ortiz

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
Prospective Students
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Timothy Rupert

Current Students
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Roger Rangel

Graduate Coordinator: Louise Yeager

Networked Systems Interdisciplinary Program
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Athina Markopoulou
Graduate Coordinator: Amy Pham