Staff Directory

Name Title Location Phone
Brendan P. Shaffer Senior Research Engineer,
Advanced Power and Energy Program
EH 1406 949-824-7302 x11127
Lauren Shim Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst,
TEC Business Center
5252 Engineering Hall 949-824-6067
Tiffany Shin Payroll/Personnel Analyst,
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
(949) 824-5469 Office
James Shyu Lab Technician,
Biomedical Engineering
MST 203 949-824-1978 Office
Meei-Jiuan Shyu Counselor,
Student Affairs Undergraduate
Office: REC 315B (949) 824-6162 Office
Robert Smith Research Lab Director,
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Office: EG 1105 (949) 824-7674 Office
Ryan Smith Purchasing Assistant,
Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility
Office: EG 2220 (949) 824-2819
Anna Lynn Spitzer Writer/Editor,
Dean's Office
4416 Calit2 949-824-3317
Susan Staebell Business Office Assistant,
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Office: 2205 Engineering Hall (949) 824-9780 Office
Shane D. Stephens Manager, Research Development and External Relations,
Advanced Power and Energy Program
ELF 133 949-824-7302 x11118
Jan Strudwick Office Manager,
Dean's Office
EH 5200 (949) 824-1894
Cristina M. Surpless Academic Program Coordinator ,
Biomedical Engineering
Nat Sci II 3120 (949) 824-3494 Office
A. Lee Swindlehurst Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies,
Dean's Office
5428 Engineering Hall (949) 824-1895
Cathy H. Ta Department Administrator,
Biomedical Engineering
3120 Natural Sciences II (949) 824-5184
Ed Tackett Director,
444G Engineering Tower (949) 824-4938
Margaret Taylor Coordinator,
Micro/Nano Fluidics Fundamentals Focus Center
3407 Engineering Hall (949) 824-8236 Office
Louis Tran Computer System Administrator,
Dean's Office
120F Engineering & Computing Trailer (949) 824-3452
EB Trevor Payroll & Personnel Coordinator,
Civil and Environmental Engineering
EG 4136 (949) 824-1259
Alana Valencia Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility 2225 Engineering Gateway 949-824-2130
Jennifer M. Vargas Analyst, Curriculum, Analytical Studies, & Accreditation (CASA),
Student Affairs
114 REC (949) 824-5396
Loretta Waltemeyer Payroll and Personnel Analyst,
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
2207 Engineering Hall (949) 824-4151 Office
Michelle Wang Assistant Analyst,
Student Affairs
REC 114 949-824-4320
Alyssa P. Way Associate Manager, External Relations,
Advanced Power and Energy Program
ELF 133 949-824-7302 x11131
Steve Weinstock Laboratory Manager,
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
944 G Engineering Tower (949) 824-6250
Jeff Wojciechowski Assistant Director & Manager,
Advanced Power and Energy Program
Office: ELF 221 (949) 824-7302 x115 Office
Lily Wu Director of Academic Innovation, Programs,
Dean's Office
EH 5416
Louise Yeager Graduate Coordinator,
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Office: EG 4200 (949) 824-7984 Office
(949) 824-5406
Nancy Kim Yun Director, Corporate & Research Collaborations,
Development and External Relations
5236 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3088
Maryann Zovak-Wieder Finance Analyst,
TEC Business Center
Engineering Hall 5264 (949) 824-5548