Staff Directory

Image Name Title Department Location Phone Email
Everardo Camacho Systems Programmer Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility
Sergio Carnalla Department Laboratories Manager Civil and Environmental Engineering 4130 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-8694
Robert M. Cassidy Director, Curriculum, Analytical Studies, & Accreditation (CASA) Student Affairs REC 114 (949) 824-8209 Office
Shana Chance Director of Corporate Relations Development and External Relations 5236 Engineering Hall 949-824-3977
Yi-San Chang-Yen Department Manager Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Office: ET 916 (949) 824-5086 Office
Grace Hai-Chin Chau Academic Program/Graduate Admission Coordinator Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 916 Engineering Tower (949) 824-3887 Office
David Crosley Process Development Engineer Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility Office: EG 2200 (949) 824-9831 Office