Faculty & Staff Directory

Image Name Title Department Location Phone Email
Iris Adam Director of Accreditation Student Affairs Office: 114 REC (949) 824-5480 Office iris@uci.edu
Amir AghaKouchak Amir AghaKouchak Assistant Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering 544C Engineering Tower 949-824-9350 amir.a@uci.edu
Lorrie L. Aguirre Department Manager Civil and Environmental Engineering EG 4130 (949) 824-2120 Office lorrie.a@uci.edu
Mohammad A. Al Faruque Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Office: EH 3223
AICPS Lab: EH 5440
(949) 824 1909 mohammad.alfaruque@uci.edu
Dennis Aldridge Director of Facilities Dean's Office 114 Engineering and Computer Trailer (949) 824-9246 daldridg@uci.edu
Nicolaos G. Alexopoulos Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 949-824-6002 Office alfios@uci.edu
Animashree Anandkumar Animashree Anandkumar Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 4408 Engineering Hall 949-824-9072 a.anandkumar@uci.edu
Alfredo Ang Alfredo H. Ang Professor Emeritus Civil and Environmental Engineering Office: ET 516E (949) 824-8528 Office ahang@uci.edu
Shane Ardo Assistant Professor Chemistry 2131 Natural Sciences II (949) 824-3796 ardo@uci.edu
Linda Halsey Arias Director of Personnel Dean's Office 5228 Engineering Hall (949) 824-5458 lharias@uci.edu
Alan Arredondo Development Coordinator, Engineering and Information & Computer Sciences Dean's Office 5200 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3923 arredon@uci.edu
Sharnnia Artis Director of Access and Inclusion Dean's Office REC 200A (949) 824-4301 sartis@uci.edu
Satya Atluri Distinguished Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Lab: 5251 Cal #140
Office: EG 3230
(949) 824-9966 Office
(949) 824-9946 Lab
Sally L. Avila Payroll and Personnel Biomedical Engineering Nat Sci II 3120 (949) 824-9755 Office slavila@uci.edu
Ender Ayanoglu Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Office 1: ET 408B
Office 2: EH 4221
(949) 824-1341 Office ayanoglu@uci.edu