Undergraduate Programs

For undergraduate students, the department offers two accredited degree programs in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Engineering,  In addition, students can minor in Materials Science Engineering.

Many of our undergraduates are active in professional society student chapters, including AIChE for Chemical Engineering majors and MatSci for Materials Science Engineering majors.  Many undergraduates double major, or structure their coursework to satisfy Medical School entrance requirements. 

Nearly all engineering courses are taught by resident faculty.  Our goal is to graduate students who are prepared for a career as practicing engineers, or continuing education in graduate school at a research university. 

Because our faculty are active in research, undergraduate students can participate in laboratory or field research.  There are many campus programs to facilitate undergraduate research, including UROP and UC LEADS.  Qualified undergraduate students may also consider the UC Irvine Campus Honors Program.



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"What I like about UC Irvine are its endless possibilities and student support.  Many teachers go above and beyond what is required to help students on things like homework and getting research positions. Clubs and engineering societies are a great way to meet people and build a support network for the future."

Megan Campbell, Third-year, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


"What I like most about UC Irvine is how all the professors and staff encourage the students to be active, whether it be in research, community service, tutoring, study groups, or even just asking questions.  I can sometimes be intimidated by the professors and all of their accomplishments, but they try to be approachable and tailor the curriculum to the students. When their schedules permit, they are also willing to help students by giving presentation for clubs and societies, and sometimes even serve as mentors. Not all schools allow undergraduates to conduct research, but UCI does and I think it's great."

Monica Castaneda, Third-year, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

"What I like most about UC Irvine is that not only have I had the opportunity to work on interesting, worthwhile research, but there are also many programs that encourage undergraduates to do the same. I have learned many useful skills in the research lab that have supplemented my knowledge from the curriculum to make me into a more complete engineer."

Ricardo Komai