ChEMS Graduate Student Association

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Student Association Mission Statement

The ChEMS Graduate Student Association exists to provide a line of communication between graduate students and faculty regarding the quality of graduate academic curriculum and to maximize the graduate educational experience through mentorship, outreach, and social activities.

For more information, please visit the ChEMS Graduate Student Association website.

ChEMS Graduate Student Association Officers 2008-09

  • Matthew Weeks
  • Matthew Shindel
    Vic President, Chemical Engineering
  • Chris Hoo
    Vic President, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Shehreen Dheda
  • Heather Yang
  • Himanshu Sharma
    Ambassador to the Faculty, Chemical Engineering
  • Khin Lay Maung
    Ambassador to the Faculty, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Jennifer Asis
    Outreach Coordinatory
  • Jungyun Kim
    Outreach Coordinator