Alfredo H-S. Ang: Reliability Engineering; Structural and Earthquake Engineering

Anne Lemnitzer: Structural and earthquake engineering

Ayman Mosallam: Structural and earthquake engineering with a specialization in advanced composites and hybrid systems for infrastructure applications

Gerard C. Pardoen: Structural analysis, experimental structural dynamics

Robin Shepherd: Structural Dynamics; Earthquake Resistant Design 

Masanobu Shinozuka: Chair: World-renowned expert in earthquake and structural engineering, field theory and risk assessment methodology in civil engineering

Lizhi Sun: Micro/nano-mechanics of heterogeneous composite materials, with applications for civil, mechanical, aerospace, electronic, and biomedical engineering

Roberto Villaverde: Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering

Jann N. Yang: Structural dynamics, structural control, structural system identification and damage detection, earthquake engineering

Farzin Zareian: Structural engineering, earthquake engineering, performance-based earthquake engineering, collapse analysis, structural reliability, and structural control