Information for Newly Enrolled Students

Core Requirement

Students must complete the following core requirement before petitioning for M.S. degree



Course codes

Advanced Mathematics

One of the three

CBEMS230 (Applied Engineering Mathematics I), Fall

CEE283 (Mathematical Methods in Engineering Analysis), Fall

MAE200A (Engineering Analysis I), Fall

Water Quality and Treatment

One of the two

CEE263 (Advanced Biological Treatment Processes), Winter

CEE265 (Advanced Physical-Chemical Treatment Processes), Fall

Hydrology and Water Resources

One of the three

CEE272 (Groundwater Hydrology), Spring

CEE 276 (Hydrology), Fall

CEE277 (Hydrologic Transport Fundamentals), Winter

Air Quality

One of the two

MAE215 (Advanced Combustion Technology), Winter

MAE261 (Air Quality Monitoring)



One of the two


CEE 264 (Carbon Footprint Analysis for Water and Wastewater Systems)

MAE 218 (Sustainable Energy Systems)

Environmental Seminar

Two quarters

CEE 295, Fall, Winter, Spring


Areas of Emphasis

There are four primary area of emphasis within Environmental Engineering: Water Quality and Treatment, Hydrology and Water Resources, Air Quality and Energy. Students can take additional elective courses in one of the four areas are from more than one area. Core courses taken in addition to the core requirement can also be counted as electives. Courses outside of the School of Engineering (i.e. Earth System Science, Public Health, Biological Sciences) can be used toward elective credits with the approval of the faculty advisor and the graduate director. Electives within each of the emphasis areas in Engineering are listed below.


Elective Courses by Areas of Emphasis

Water Quality and Treatment

Hydrology and Water Resources

Air Quality


CBEMS 218 (Bioeng. Rec. Orgs.)

CBEMS220 (Trans Phenomena)

CEE260 (Desalination)

CEE261 (Appl Environ Microbio)

CEE263 (Adv. Bio. Treat. Proc.)

CEE265 (Adv. Phys. Chem. Treat. Proc.)

CEE266 (Drinking Water and Wastewater Biotechnology)

CEE267 (Ecol of Coastal Waters)


CEE271 (Unsaturated flow)

CEE272 (Groundwater Hydrology)

CEE273 (Watershed Modeling)

CEE274 (Trans. Phenom. Sat. Porous Media)

CEE276 (Hydrology)

CEE277 (Hydrologic Transport Fundamentals)

CEE278 (Fluid Mech Open Channels)

CEE279 (Hydro Comp Modeling)

CEE290 (Data & Models)



MAE215 (Adv. Combustion Technology)

MAE 231 (Fund. Turbulence)

MAE 233 (Turb. Free Shear Flows)

MAE 261 (Air Pollution Modeling)

Earth System Science 240 (Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics)


MAE214A (Fuel-Cell Fundamentals and Technology) 

MAE218 (Sustainable Energy Systems)

MAE 260 (Issues Related to Atmospheric Processes)

CEE 264 (Carbon Footprint Analysis for Water and Wastewater Systems)